Quality Assurance

While you build your app, HeySys works with you to perfect it. When it’s ready for release, we make sure your customers will be delighted with the results. We offer a wide range of software testing solutions to ensure your customers will have the experience you promise them. If you don’t see the software testing solution you’re looking for, don’t worry, we probably offer it.

Functionality Testing

HeySys’s functional testing services focus on testing your software against defined specifications and meeting end-user expectations for functionality. We integrate seamlessly with your existing team to test the product early in the software development life cycle to prevent and detect defects early so you can reduce your testing costs, rework expenses, and improve software quality.

HeySys’s functional testing approach supports different development methodologies. This is evident in how we align with your team whether you are using waterfall, agile, DevOps, or some combination. We utilize proven industry standard testing techniques, tools, and methodologies to ensure thorough functional testing.

Test Automation Services

Continuous integration and continuous release demand test automation but not every company has the expertise to properly implement automation. HeySys has the test automation knowledge to guide you through the many combinations of what to automate and what to manually test to get the maximum ROI.

Interoperability Testing

In an ideal world, the protocol definition is the gold standard of technology specification – it specifies exactly how devices negotiate and communicate with each other. The reality is that specifications are subject to interpretation, and interpretations vary widely. Even if your system meets the protocol specification exactly, you can still lose business and market reputation by failing to deal with another system that doesn’t. HeySys's interoperability testing solves that problem.

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